W4EF's Ham Radio Page

W6UE KLM 40M4@102'and KT34XA@114'



         Photos of Mike's QTH

         Caltech Amateur Radio Club

         JPL Amateur Radio Club


         DX Summit

         K3KY's Flag and Pennant Antenna Compendium Page

         Doug Schmidt W9CF's Links Page (lots of good stuff for RF Engineers)

         Michael G. Ellis RF Design Tutorials Page


         SS CW 2003 Pictures

         Ten-Tec Paragon Transmitted Spectrum

         Results of W8JI Key Click Reduction Mod on W6VIO's Yaesu FT-1000

         ATV Terrain Profiles

         Alpha 78 Modifications

         Screwdriver Installation


         Common-Mode Choke for Honda EU2000i

         FT-240-77 Impedance vs Frequency Data

         HFTA Comparison of W6VIO and W6UE on 7 MHz Longpath Bearing (~215 deg)

         W4EF/p 2004 Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge - El Mirage Dry Lake Bed

         KT34XA Element Tuning Data

         Salton Sea 2005 Pictures

         Portable Antenna Video

         FT-240-31 Impedance vs Frequency Data

         IEC Cord Common-Mode Choke

         Ignition Shielding for EU-2000i >

         Large Snap-On Ferrite Beads

         FT1000MP Mark V Key-Click Modification

         W6VIO Hardline Schematic

         W6UE Tower Trailer Pictures

         W4EF Radial Project

         CQ Worldwide CW - El Mirage 2005

         CQ Worldwide 160 CW - Saltdale 2006 NEW!!

         W4EF 160 Meter VERTICAL NEW!!

         W6VIO Hawks NEW!!